Anonymous asked:
that sneaky nut is hilarious!! that boys a ninja!!

ahahaaa that’s james lindsay for yah

bry0nyr asked:
wowww all these photos are really good ross!

really! hahaha that sounded so sarcastic when i read it :PP
 but yeah i haven’t updated it in ages D:
thank you tho Bry!
btw those little anecdotes about your friends made me lol..sorry if i like liked them all ;) 

Anonymous asked:
maisie or laura?


Anonymous asked:
They are all very pretty girls, but out of all of them. Who would you most want to get to know better??

urr Laura i think :)

Anonymous asked:
Bad decisions man!

come on it was pretty close, plus i don’t really know Amber at all :P

Anonymous asked:
amber or maisie?

a tough one..
maisie just scrapes it, but both really pretty

where are these coming from hahahaa?? 

Anonymous asked:
eleanor or amber??

umm.. Amber

us-against-them asked:
heyyy on your other blog i think it was you who posted a pic of a blue rucksack with an aztec print thing on it and i was just wondering where you got it from cos i really really like it :)

yeah i actually have it now , its lush, here’s the link http://www.routeone(dot)co(dot)uk/Store/Accessories/Bags/Brand-is-Route+One/product-is-62659

just put normal dots in there^ it just won’t let me do links :)
yeah i think if you want it you should get it, it’s super durable and cheap, and everyone always compliments you on it hahaa :PP 

Anonymous asked:
eleanor and iona?

urr probs eleanor 

Anonymous asked:
5 most prettiest girls in year 10..?

damm i always forgot who’s in what year
Eleanor Ryder
Laura Wivell
Maisie Blair
Iona Croskell
Amber Gregory
dan’t really know that many :PP